Director, Salem Stands

I am constantly impressed by the depth and breadth of Dan’s expertise in cinematography, specifically in the DSLR arena. As DP of Salem Stands, Dan beautifully captured the vision that drove the project. He’s got a great eye, an ingenuity that meets the needs of any situation and a clear dedication to the art. Not to mention, he’s a blast to work with.



My experience with RedTere was nothing but positive. The team was not only professional and precise, but they made the experience fun and memorable. They delivered a quality end product, despite challenging and inconsistent weather conditions. They are imaginative, efficient, good improvisers, and most importantly good people. I will always remember Fè’l Pou l’Anmou. These guys are my brothers.


Actor, A Drop of Water

Working with Daniel and the crew was an awesome experience in "A Drop of Water". When I saw him directing and watched the camera spots and angles then see the actual footage on camera I was truly impressed. Great job! He needs to be involved in a blockbuster! Daniel Lovetere is a true talent.


Director, JobNet Career Center

RedTere’s work – developing, producing, directing, and editing the memorial video for James (Tor) Boswell is nothing short of phenomenal. The quality of the images and the mixture of sentiment and humor was poignant and touched viewers in significant ways. Even viewers who did not know Tor felt the impact of his life and legacy.


Director, Moving Stone

On ‘Moving Stone’, Dan provided a vital counter-balance that enabled me to take the high risks while remaining conscious of our shoestring budget. Dan isn’t afraid to share his personal, artistic, and technical opinions, while maintaining a sense of humility. It’s hard to find people who don’t think they’re messiahs, prophets, or greed hungry entrepreneurs. Like myself, Dan simply loves what he does.


Actor, Quid Pro Quo

What a professional group of filmmakers. On time, organized, even ahead of schedule! I had a great time on set today for Quid Pro Quo.