RedTere Productions is an independent digital cinema house, whose projects emphasize creativity, character, and storytelling, as well as the journey that is making a film.  Our team is the perfect blend of artistic integrity, cutting-edge, and business savvy, ensuring that our projects have a true mark of quality.


Formed in 2003, RedTere Productions began as the pipe dream of a high school student. Daniel F. Lovetere maintained the RedTere brand throughout high school, college, and now into his professional career.  As a result, we have a proud ten-year reputation in New England for an unparalleled mix of professionalism, creativity, and fun.  People love to work with us.  Check out our testimonials.



Daniel F. Lovetere
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel, a 2009 graduate of Curry College’s Film Studies and Production programs, has dreamed of being a film director since the age of 11. He wrote his first feature-length screenplay in 2000 at the age of 13 and unofficially formed RedTere Productions three years later.  Though he has worked on projects ranging from student films to full-scale Hollywood productions, Daniel prefers the balance between business and artistic purity found on independent projects.



David Garcea
Cinematographer & Editor

David, a 2011 graduate of Bridgewater State University, has experience shooting and editing for both corporate and creative video projects. He has worked on a variety of projects ranging from commercials to independent films. He has been a member of RedTere Productions officially since 2008.

Timothy J. Brown
Assistant Director & Camera Operator

A member of the RedTere team for several years and also a graduate of Bridgewater State University, Timothy combines his passion for collaboration with film production. He has a particular affection for the occurrence of art, aesthetic, and learning on any set.


C. W. Dolan
Producer & Director

Having a fond love for storytelling, personal expression, and artistic collaboration, Chris has experience as a producer on various student projects as well as his own independent film “Moving Stone.” Ever since picking up a Sony Handycam at age 12, it has propelled him to take advantage of his ability to take ever increasing calculated risks. He is currently applying his experience, passion, and initiative to bring RedTere to the next level.