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RedTere Productions is embarking on its first feature film journey!

Ever heard of the deep web? It’s a network of websites hosted all over the world; sites that are not indexed by search engines; sites often blocked by Internet Service Providers; sites not meant for public consumption. The Deep Web was invented by the Navy for military communication in the early nineties, when the “world-wide web” was becoming a more common means of public communication.  Today, the deep web is used by the internet elite, the privacy-paranoid, and criminals alike as a means of private communication and anonymous information sharing in a world where anonymity and privacy are relics of a day long gone.

The image below is often used in association with the deep web to give sense of how much content exists on the web that is unknown to the average internet user.

deepwebWhat kind information is being shared, you ask? A curious deep web user can find everything from illegal drugs, to weapons, terrorist communications, hitmen for hire, new identities, all types of pornography and much, much more. The limits are only defined by your imagination and your patience.  One of the most well-known deep web sites, the Silk Road was seized by the FBI in October of 2013.  The Silk Road, up to that moment was the most commonly used site to buy and sell illegal drugs on the internet; often being referred to as the “eBay of drugs.”

In the film, BEYOND THE DREAMCATCHER, Graveyard Freddie, a lonely talk radio host, learns of the FBI crackdown and embarks on his own journey into the digital abyss. But, when curiosity approaches obsession, Freddie must choose between salvation and enlightenment, as he descends the bowels of darkness.

The inspiration for the film came two-fold.  I first learned of the Deep Web in 2011 at a lunch meeting immediately following the shooting of A Drop of Water.  I was so fascinated myself that I immediately began thinking about it as a possible film, but I never had the inspiration to write a compelling story.  The shutdown of the Silk Road was the catalyst I needed.  I felt that the world would soon want to know about the deep web, especially in an age where, thanks to sites like Facebook, we have no privacy left.

I began writing the film in the fall of 2013 and we are now in the seventh draft of a film that will go into production in February 2015.  Please stay tuned for more on the project as we move through pre-production, into production, and finally through the release of the film.  I look forward to taking you on this journey.

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