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Hello all!

Gearing up for another project and we need a cast, that means you!

Good luck!


PDF below:



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After the breaking news of an FBI crackdown on the Deep Web, a lonely talk radio host embarks on his own journey into the digital abyss to uncover the next big scoop. But, when curiosity approaches obsession, he must choose between salvation and enlightenment, as he descends the bowels of darkness. (PRINCIPAL PHOTGRAPHY: FEBRUARY 7, 2015 to MARCH 8, 2015).
Freddie is a graveyard shift radio host with an audience small enough to fit in the studio beside him.  His odd hours have prevented him developing normal social and intimate relationships.  A jaded agnostic catholic, and a recovering addict, Freddie desires an escape; from his claustrophobic life, from the mistakes of his past, and from the nothing that will be his future.  He is desperate for a connection; to another human being or the world around him.
ROBERT (AGE 25-35)
Robert has directed all of his energies into his online persona, due to an inability to find satisfaction in his physical life.  Among his closest confidants are fellow gamers, redditors, and digital pirates – most of whom he has never seen and will never meet.  Like Freddie he has very few personal relationships and is looking for a way to take his life to the next level.
MARY (AGE 25-35)
Mary is a career women. After experiencing her parents’ divorce and watching her mother struggle to survive, she vowed never to depend on a man. She is not a believer in storybook love and is simply looking for someone with similar career ambitions and compatible sex organs.
Claire (AGE 65-75)
Claire is recently widowed, after having spent a many years as the primary caregiver for her husband, whose condition prevented her from living as a whole person.  Newly single, she has an opportunity to start again and establish a new sense of self.
Emma is Freddie’s perfect woman.  She is sexy and witty, with the grace of a ballet dancer but with a sense of humor that makes her easy to connect with.  She understands Freddie in a way he never dreamed possible.  And like Freddie, she has a dark past with a dim future, but she is making strides toward something better: the realization of her own dreams.
Father Thomas is a man of God, but he is also a man who understands his own flaws; a progressive realist who respects the diminished role religion plays in modern society.  He cares more about creating a sense of community oflove than he does about adhering to Catholic traditions.
Please email resume and headshot to If considered, you will be notified with a time slot and audition materials. Auditions will be held at 185 Main Street Avon, MA 02322 (you must have an audition time to attend), slots are expected to fill quickly. Audition dates are 9/28. 10/4, 10/5 and callback dates are 10/11 and 10/12. They will run from 11:00am to 2:00pm each day.