Quid Pro Quo Wrapped!

May 21, 2014 at 8:46 AM / by

After eight fun-filled days of shooting, David Garcea’s Quid Pro Quo is officially in the can! This production represents, in my mind, a turning point for RedTere. Never before have our sets been overflowing with so many professionals with such great senses of creativity (and humor). I’ve made many new colleagues and friends that I intend to continue working with for the foreseeable future.

Quid wasn’t just a success from a cast & crew perspective. It also represents a film production project that was executed without a hitch. Everyone involved confidently feels that the film we set out to make is indeed the film we made. That might sound redundant or obvious, but it is what sets professional filmmakers apart from amateurs. Any person can imagine the “perfect” film, but it takes real teamwork, communication, and dedication to transition that perfect film out of your mind, into a set, and finally onto the screen.

Quid Pro Quo has been and will continue to be a success from every perspective. While this may not exactly be the big leagues, we are, in fact, pros. Thanks to everyone of you who made this endeavor a success.

Your fearless & crazy leader,



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